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Window Cleaning | Pressure Washing
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Bonded dependable window cleaning service with 30+ years experience
Taking pride in finishing on schedule, at a very competitive price, while promoting safety and professionalism

​​​​​Paul Gould, President.
Paul has been in the window cleaning industry since moving to Phoenix in 1982. Moving from Cleveland with his wife to help his father with a small window cleaning company.
Paul’s goal was to bring professionalism to the window cleaning industry and to run the company like a business. 
He established an office with an office manager and a work force ready to work.
 Over the years the company has grown to become the largest commercial window cleaning company in Arizona.

Clarence Gould, founder of the company.  
Clarence moved to Phoenix in 1978 and become involved in the window cleaning business in 1979. 

Enrique Hernandez Pineda, General Manager, Vice President.
Enrique came to the company as a trainee for window cleaning over 15 years ago. Through the years he progressed into a professional window cleaner, training some of our new hires. January 1, 2011 he was moved into the office as office manager. His responsibilities include scheduling and managing the affairs of the office. Enrique also attends college for his degree in business administration.

Cuauhtémoc Gasca, (Temo), Supevisor.

​Temo has been with the company for over 15 years.  He is trained and knowledgeable with all phase of window cleaning.

For many years he was the lead cleaner for all swing stage work.

Temo moved into this postion  in 2016.  He is responsible for the daily operations of the cleaning crews.

The cleaning crew who will come to your building are trained for safety and professionalism.  All crew members are employees of the company and are covered by our General Liability and Workman Compensation policies.
We will provide a clean quality service which will not impact your tenants. 
We have over 100 years of combined experience in the window cleaning industry.  Window cleaning is the main focus of our business. Our cleaners are trained in the latest and safest technique in the window cleaning industry

About Us

A bonded dependable window cleaning service that comes when you want them, finishes on schedule, and at a price that you agree on...that's us.

 We've been in the valley for over 30 years longer than any other similar service - so you can depend on us to be here tomorrow - and for the long haul. We have the flexibility to handle all your window cleaning needs from high rise office buildings to storefronts - and everything in between.

Forming partnerships to ensure complete satisfaction and a long lasting business relationship